Linear drainage system Wolfa 100/10 V-Line

Gross: 27.53 EUR
Net: 22.38 EUR
Producent: Wolfa
Technical data:
Loading class
A15, C250, D400
Glass fibre reinforced polyester
Measure unit
Linear drainage system 100/10 V
Type of grating
Galvanized steel slotted grating, grid grating 30/10, ductile iron grating
Drain port
Yes (extra charged)
Lateral cap
Yes (extra charged)
Lateral cap with an outlet connector
Yes (extra charged)
Sewer connector
Yes (extra charged)
T-shaped or X connections adapter
Yes (extra charged)
Warranty time
24 months

Linear drainage systems type 100/10 V Wolfa are made of polyester-glass composite which makes them stable and durable. The system includes channels and covers in the form of grid grating made of galvanized steel (cross clotted)– suitable for the loading class A –  up to 1,5 tones, grid grating 30/10 with a loading class C250 and ductile iron gratings with a loading class C250 and D400. Gratings are screwed to the channels, therefore they are perfect solution both for single-family housing, car parks and green areas.



Additional equipment (extra charged)


Length - 100 cm

Height - 14 cm

Total width - 13,5 cm

Clear width - 10 cm

Additional information:

Definition of the loading classes according to EN 1433

Class A  15* - communication passages for pedestrians and cyclists (up to 1,5 tones)

Class B 125* - car parks for passenger vehicles and pavements (up to 12,5 tones)

Class C 250* - areas near street curb drainages, pavements or side roads (up to 25 tones)

Class D 400* - roadways, pedestrian  zones, car parks and hardened surfaces equivalent to them (up to 40 tones)

* Preliminary loading in kN according to DIN EN 1433