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MEAMAX AQUA basement waterproof light well with a mesh grating

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Waterproof light wells are dedicated to building areas with high groundwater levels or with periodically rising seepage water. The MEAMAX AQUA light well is a combination of waterproof protection and adjustable height. Waterproof installation of MEAMAX light well is possible up to the height of the main structural element (without cladding).

Producer: Mea

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Waterproof light wells are dedicated to building areas with high groundwater levels or with periodically rising seepage water. The MEA MULTINORM AQUA is a light well with reinforced body for heavy and compacted soil (e.g. clays).  The MEA AQUA light well is available in two depths (40 and 70 cm) and two body types (with a closed bottom or with a drain). 70 cm deep light wells provide a basement with the optimum supply of light and air, even when insulation on the ground floor has been used.

Light well body is light and extremely durable due to the use of glass fibre-reinforced thermosetting materials. The smooth surface of the light well is easy to clean and perfectly reflects light. The kit includes all the necessary components for waterproof installation (pins, screws, adhesive and sealant). Three galvanised steel grating variants available: mesh, grid 30/10 and grid 30/30.

Based on requirements, you can use the right combination of AQUA light well and a waterproof window:


  • Light well is available in two depths: 40 cm and 70 cm.
  • Optimum supply of light and air into basement interiors.
  • The kit includes a waterproof installation set.
  • It is possible to select a body with or without the drain (drain connections are available in the 'Accessories' tab).
  • The use of glass fibre-reinforced thermosetting materials (UP-GF) makes the light wells extremely durable towards changing weather conditions and chemicals.


  • Guarantee sufficient light and air into a basement.
  • Easy to install.
  • Lightweight and durable at the same time.
  • Resistant to mechanical damage, changing weather conditions and corrosive chemicals.
  • Three grating variants available: mesh, grid 30/30 and grid 30/10.

Click here for more technical information:

Light wells are available in various sizes, width from 80 to 125 cm and height from 60 to 150 cm.


The kit includes:

  • 2-part shaft with an integrated height regulation (in 25 cm range)
  • galvanized mesh grating
  • installation kit AQUA
  • additional glue or sealants (extra charge)
  • drain port (extra charge)

Drain ports dia. 60 mm

  • MEAMAX drain port + screen
  • MEASTOP UNIVERSAL check flap with adapter
  • MEAMAX adapter dia. 100 x 50
  • MEMAX GRP cover plate dia. 90 mm

Drain ports dia. 80 mm

  • MEA MEGA STOP (shaft, screw collar, and screen)
  • MEA MEGA STOP check valve
  • MEA MEGA STOP complete kit (shaft, collar, screen, and check valve)

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Technical data

Dimensions 80/60-85/40 - 125/100-125/40
Measure unit Kpl.
Height regulation Tak- wbudowana
Manufacturer Mea
Type of grating Ruszt ocynkowany siatkowy


Assembly kit Tak
Sewer connection Tak (za dopłatą)


Warranty time 24 miesiące
187.93 GBP/set 303.11 GBP/set
  • Product is available
  • Dispatch from: 33.98 GBP
  • Realization 4 - 8 weeks
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