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Softline steel window sill, Antique Copper

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Steel window sills Softline have been designed with PVC, wood and aluminium windows in mind. Highly resistant and durable, easy to clean and install, they are made from high quality materials to ensure long-term product satisfaction.

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Steel window sills have been designed with PVC, wood and aluminium windows in mind. Highly resistant and durable, easy to clean and install, they are made from high quality materials to ensure long-term product satisfaction. The window sill is made of galvanized steel sheets coated with a polyester coating and sealed with a polyethylene protective film. To increase the window sill’s durability it is protected with an anti-corrosion coating. The combination of materials has been created for the functionality and durability of the window sill – it is resistant to temperature changes, light, damp, staining and damage. available in a variety of colours. Two separate end caps (left and right) should be purchased with each sill.



  • damp, stain and temperature resistant
  • easy to clean with widely available household cleaners


  • shipping cost provided in the bookmark ‘delivery’ applies to window sills with the maximum length of 1,7m and weight up to 30 kg. In case of longer sills or larger weight the delivery cost will be calculated individually
  • price refers to the smallest available width (depth) of the window sill


The installation method and location of a window sill can lead to fungus or mould formation as well as so-called 'thermal bridges' (local reduction of thermal insulating power). So, certain principles need to be observed during sill installation.

The sill should protrude approximately 30–40 mm from the wall. It should be attached to the so called 'T-moulding', which is permanently screwed to the lower part of the window frame. Using the T-moulding, it is possible to correctly seal the window reveals.
If the window sill is installed with a PVC or aluminium window, the window sill flange should be placed under the window reveal T-moulding.
When installing a wooden window, check if the sash frame member (stile/rail) features a factory-made notch used to mount the window sill. If there is no such notch, a 'wall chase' should be made.

Steel sills exhibit low linear expansion and therefore window sills up to 6 running metres can be installed without using an 'expansion joint' ( the space between two adjacent surfaces that allows for their independent static work and deformation).

Window sills are installed with PVC double-sided caps. At the front of a building the caps have a closed slot that is used to drain water outside in order to avoid wall cracking.

Polyurethane glues are used during window sill installation.

Remove the protective film immediately after the installation.

All necessary accessories required for proper installation of window sills (including double-sided caps) can be found in our shop under 'Accessories'.


Shipping rates may differ when additional duties or other non-routine customs charges apply in the country of delivery.

Technical data

Colour Antique Copper
Covering type Powder coated
Finishing Steel with hammer-work structure
Length up to 600 cm
Material Steel
Measure unit Lm
Thickness 0.75 mm
Type Exterior window sill
Width - range 10-40 cm


Dedicated sill connector Yes, extra charge
End caps Yes, extra charge
Mounting foam Yes, extra charge


Warranty time 12 months
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B type bird spikes

B type bird spikes

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D type bird spikes

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Mamut mounting glue

Mamut mounting glue

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