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MULTINORM XL basement light well with a grid grating 30/10

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Light wells provide an excellent solution for lighting basements. Light wells can visually enlarge the available space and create conditions for new opportunities during basement adaptation.

Producer: Mea

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Light wells provide an excellent solution for lighting basements. Light wells can visually enlarge the available space and create conditions for new opportunities during basement adaptation. By using additional cladding it is possible to increase the height of the body, which in turn makes it easier to adjust the size of the light well to individual customer needs. The light well is easy and quick to install. This ensures the light well fits perfectly into the terrain, while avoiding unnecessary drilling during installation. Another advantage is the exceptionally aesthetic visual effect. XL model available in large sizes.


  • Body made of high-quality composite glass iron.
  • Large body size
  • For pedestrian traffic.
  • Light well depth: 70 cm.
  • Smooth body surface provides maximum lighting for basement space, e.g. garages, storerooms, pantries.
  • A drain at the bottom.
  • Grating made of galvanised steel: mesh grating, grid 30/30, grid 30/10, PKW grating (for passenger vehicle traffic).
  • Variable light well height with built-in telescopic adjustment range of 8–33 cm.
  • Bacis installation kit included as standard (for walls without thermal insulation)
  • Possibility of purchasing a mounting kit for walls with thermal insulation or a waterproof assembly kit (AQUA) - for an extra charge
  • When a reinforced body and PKW grating is used, the light well is suitable for passenger vehicle traffic.
  • Drain connection (for extra charge).
  • Light well material is resistant to deformation (100% frost-resistant).
  • Extra protection of grating is possible (for extra charge).


  • Provides ideal lighting and air to a basement.
  • Stable, light and easy installation.
  • Resistant to deformation and mechanical damage, weather conditions and corrosive chemicals.
  • Exceptional durability, no signs of wear.
  • Permanent solution that requires no maintenance and is resistant to chemical compounds and weather conditions (100% frost-resistant).
  • Easy to keep clean, ideal for installation on hillsides and in case of heavy and compacted soil (e.g. clays).

XL light wells are available in varied sizes, width from 100 to 200 cm, height from 100 to 150, and depth 70 cm.

The kit includes:

  • 1-part shaft
  • galvanized grid grating 30/10
  • standard installation kit

MULTINORM XL light wells can be used with adjustment units – regulated in the range from 8 to 33 cm (in width 150 cm - range: 10-52 cm). You need to remember about a reinforced frame when fixing an adjustment unit.

The universal assembly kit needs to be used to fix each adjustment unit. When fixing an adjustment unit to the light wells, an additional construction stability is provided by a reinforced frame. When the light well is fixed in the place where ground conditions are unfriendly, on the slope  or when there are more than 1 adjustment units, it is necessary to use reinforced frames.

  • W - width: 100, 125, 150 cm
  • H - height: 35, 54 cm,
  • D - depth:  70  cm

Maximum amount of adjustment units:

  • for standard light wells with width up to 125 cm - 3 adjustment units
  • for light wells with width of 150 cm - 1 adjustment unit
  • for light wells with width of 200 cm - no possibility to fix any adjustment unit

A light well can be used as an emergency exit by the means of a special ladder. An option with a ladder is available with grating protection. 

  • available for light wells with dimensions: 150 x 120 x 60 cm and 200 x 150 x 70 cm

Shipping rates may differ when additional duties or other non-routine customs charges apply in the country of delivery.

Technical data

Dimensions 100x100x70 - 200x150x70
Measure unit Set
Manufacturer MEA
Type of grating Galvanized grid grating 30/10


Adjustment unit Yes (extra charge)
Assembly kit Yes
Ladder Yes (extra charge)
Reinforcing frame Yes (extra charge)
Sewer connection Yes (extra charge)


Warranty time 24 months


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