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LightLine Door Canopy 270 x 95 cm, Acrylic

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Acrylic panes feature good technical parameters, aesthetics, transparency and smooth surface as well as resistance not only  to weather conditions, but also UV, and ageing. Lightline canopies system is characterized by a form lightness thanks to slender stainless brackets, light aluminium profiles, and acrylic pane.

Producer: Robelit

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Lightline canopies system is characterized by a form lightness. It is a system whose purpose is to protect  a doorway and at the same time increase aesthetic values. Acrylic is as durable as metal meterials. It is resistant to weather conditions and UV. The system includes an integrated  gutter that drains on both ends, wall aluminium profile and a hidden rubber gasket. Moreover, it is possible to mount a side panel on either side of  the canopy as well as on both sides.


  • aesthetics
  • light construction made of stainless steel, aluminium profile, acrylic pane available in four colours make the entire construction look very slender
  • easy installation of a canopy and a side panel in every part  of the building. Stainless steel coverage does not spoil the overall aesthetics of the entire front side of the building
  • product durability. Using stainless steel and acrylic pane, which is resistant to weather conditions and UV,  increases the resistance to ageing and minimizes maintenance activities
  • easy cleaning. Rubber gasket seals the canopy to the wall and directs rainwater into an integrated aluminium front gutter
  • easy-to-assemble with patented Click-Lock system without drilling holes in the acrylic pane. Special click brackets made of stainless steel constitute a solid support for the acrylic pane. Panes can be also easily cleaned due to the Click-Lock system


  • all stainless steel elements are made of V2A and their surface is fine ground (grain size 240)
  • acrylic 4 mm pane is available clear, satin white, satin blue, and satin green


  • 270 x 95 - A-width x B-depth (cm)


  • mounting of LIGHTLINE canopies is very simple thanks to Click-Lock system
  • dedicated to self-mounting, manuals and standard fixings are included in the kit


  • stainless steel canopies should be cleaned with mild detergents
  • stainless steel surfaces should be cleaned at the same time as glass surfaces


Stainless steel may corrode when its surface is exposed to corrosion-friendly factors like:

  • extremely high air humidity including salt (near the sea)
  • particularly high air pollution in industrial areas or near crowded streets (acid rains)
  • contact with chlorinated water (swimming pools)
  • using tools which previously worked with steel
  • contact with construction chemicals
  • spray water containing salt and cement dust may be also dangerous when they fall on the canopy surface (e.g. with the rain)


In case of a larger quantity the realization time may linger.


Shipping rates may differ when additional duties or other non-routine customs charges apply in the country of delivery.

Technical data

Colour of frame Stainless steel
Depth 950 mm
Manufacturer Robelit
Material of filling Acrylic
Material of frame Aluminium profile, stainless steel brackets
Measure unit Pcs.
Pane colour Clear, white satin, blue satin, green satin
Series name LightLine
Thickness of filling 4 mm
Translucency Yes
Type Universal
Width 2700 mm


Dedicated maintenance chemicals Yes, extra charge
Dedicated side panels Yes, extra charge


Warranty time 24 months
657.11 EUR/pcs.
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  • Realization 2 - 6 weeks
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