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Industrial door mat WOLFA 75 x 50 x 7

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Industrial door mats are made of glass fibre reinforced polyester. The door mats include a silt box and the cover in the form of grating.

Producer: Wolfa

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Industrial door mats are made of glass fibre reinforced polyester. The door mats include a silt box and the cover in the form of grating.

It is possible to fix only the silt box filling together with the reinforcing frame made of galvanized steel.

Wolfa is the pioneer in using glass fibre reinforced polyester and uses it in the form of SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound), which is a mixture of polyester resin and a great amount of glass fibre. Combination of glass fibre and durable polyester resin guarantees the highest stability and durability even in extremely inconvenient conditions. Contrary to commonly used thermoplastic materials like PVC or polypropylene it is impossible to reshape the SMC composite or treat it thermally, what makes the material extremely durable. The kit includes a door mat, box and grating (frame optionally extra charged).


  • made of glass fibre reinforced polyester
  • variety of gratings: mesh, grid, baize mat (with or without brush insert) and rubber mat
  • available in three sizes
  • can be used both inside and outside the buildings
  • drainage connector DN 70 and an integrated strainer


  • resistant to hitting, stable
  • with an outlet dia. 70 mm enabling water outlet
  • exclusively resistant to weather conditions
  • easy to fit
  • different gratings available
  • smooth poreless surface facilitates cleaning
  • when purchasing only fillings it is possible to use a reinforced frame made of galvanized steel (extra charged)
  • silt box is originally equipped with an outlet connector DN 70 and an integrated strainer

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Technical data

Filling Mesh grating, grid grating 30/30, grid grating 30/10, rubber mat, baize mat and baize mat with brush insert
Material Glassfibre reinforced polyester
Measure unit Set
Producer WOLFA
Size 75 x 50 x 7 cm


Outlet connector with a strainer Yes
Reinforced frame Yes (extra charged)


Warranty time 24 months
106.31 EUR/pcs.
  • Product is available
  • Dispatch from: 10.13 EUR
  • Realization 4 - 28 working days
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