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PVC cassette roller blind

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Cassette roller blind with guide rails ideally protect against sun exposure.  Aesthetic  rails prevent  sun light from coming through a window on both sides of a roller blind keeping fabric in the same distance from the glass.

Producer: toma

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Cassette roller blinds with guide rails ideally protect against sun exposure.  Aesthetic  rails prevent  sun light from coming through a window on both sides of a roller blind keeping fabric in the same distance from the glass.

PVC cassette roller blind is made of high-quality materials. Owing to the wide range of fabric colours and patterns, not only transparent but also gummed, everyone will find a suitable item. The cassette and rails are made of PVC, but the fabric is finished with an aesthetic, steel, flat bar. Standard cassette roller blind is a non-invasive system fixed to a window sash. STANDARD system is found with a big interest due to its universal mounting system which enables fixing the blinds to different types of windows. Cassette roller blinds are available in white and brown.


  • fixed to a window sash
  • blind fixings are made of PVC
  • blind is fitted on an aluminium roller tube
  • string shaft looks subtle even on small window frames
  • finished with a bottom weight bar
  • size of cassette roller blinds sustains aesthetics of the interior even when fixed directly on a window sash
  • clients often choose them because of their subtle look and multiuse


  • window can be opened without rolling up the blind
  • perfectly fitted side rails enable shading the window even when it is slightly opened because the fabric is kept close to the window glass
  • practical solutions guaranteeing  privacy
  • interior protection against too intensive sun exposure


  • fabric colours available on the Internet may slightly differ from the original colours (we don’t take the responsibility for individual monitor settings)
  • if you have doubts concerning the colour contact us- fabric colour claims won’t be accepted
  • shipping cost provided in the bookmark ‘delivery’ applies to roller blinds with the maximum width and length of 1,65m in the quantity up to 7 pieces. In case of biger blinds or larger quantity the delivery cost will be calculated individually

Measurement of cassette roller blind is very easy. Following the manual will help you properly measure and mount the blind.

Making measurements provide only width and height of the glass with the glazing beads according to the instructional picture below.

In case of round glazing beads 2 cm extra are added to the provided width of the roller blind to fit the guide rails. To mount the guide rails properly at least 1 cm of flat surface is needed on each side of the window frame.

The entire width of the blind is approx. 3 cm larger than the width of the fabric (glass+glazing beads).



a. cassette

b. guide rail

c. end cap

d. pulley set

e. glazing bead

f.  window sash

step one - surface preparation

Window frame needs to be cleaned in places where a cassette and rails will be fixed

step two - guide rails mount

Remove a protection of an adhesive tape and glue two guide rails on both sides of  a window sash 1 centimetre from a glazing bead. Fixing rails should start from a handle side.

In case when  the distance from a handle to a glazing bead is shorter than 1 centimetre the guide rail should be fixed maximally close to the handle. Glue another rail proportionally far from a glazing bead as to place the roller blind in the central part of the window

step three - cassette mount

After having fixed guide rails remove protection of a cassette tape and glue it on the upper part of a window sash in such a way to put its edge in the same place as the rail’s edge. There should be a right angle between the rails and the cassette.

step four - setting the chain blockade

Next step is setting the brake in a roller blind. The fabric needs to be unrolled as to place the bottom bar evenly to rails edges. Additional blocker should be fixed near a cassette.

In the instructional video the guide rails are mounted on the glazing beads.

Such a solution is possible only with the flat glazing beads.

In case when the glazing beads are round the guide rails should be mounted next to them what, in effect, increases the entire width of the blind by at least 2 cm.

NOTE: Please measure according to the instructions in the "Measure" tab and not the following film. The film was included as an assembly instruction for blinds and not a measurement.


In order to dismount a cassette roller blind it is necessary to cut a tape along the cassette with a wallpaper knife until it is entirely cut off. Clean a blind and a window from tape wastes. A new tape needs to be used in case of another mounting.

Shipping rates may differ when additional duties or other non-routine customs charges apply in the country of delivery.

Technical data

Blind length - range 30-220 cm
Blind width - range 20-160 cm
Cassette/Masking plate Yes
Colour of fixings White, brown
Fabric type Fabrics from all groups
Manufacturer toma
Material of fixings PVC
Measure unit Pcs.
Type of blind PVC cassette roller blind with guide rails
Type of mounting Window sash


Warranty time 24 months
Weight for roller blind chain

Weight for roller blind chain

0.52 GBP

20.61 GBP/pcs.
  • Product is available
  • Dispatch from: 7.93 GBP
  • Realization 5 - 10 working days
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